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Couples Content Creators Categories for Fan Subscription Sites

It’s essential to choose & create amazing Couples Content for your fan subscription platform. It’s a learning curve. Essentially you should create new accounts on at least 5 or more big social media platforms. Learn by viewing what others are doing in your arena. Furthermore; You need new accounts if you don’t want your friends and family to see your content. Place links on all your social media accounts. eg; TikTok, Facebook, instagram, twitter, Reddit etc to name a few. Also wherever there is an audience that could be interested in your brand. However; When a fan selects a category name, 100+ random selected Teaser photos of creators in that category will be selected. By the platforms algorithm, and show on the dashboard page header.

In the meantime; Do stuff that others aren’t doing in your category to create amazing Couples Content Categories for the subscription fee. Eg; Fans like to look and hear you in videos. Engage with your fans, ask them questions. Be playful, guide and direct them. ‘ Do you want to see more of me ‘. Be cheeky, towards the end of the video ‘. Give them the opportunity to come back again. Be an actor, drawing your audience in. The more playful and engaging you are the more fans will oblige you. Given that; To keep existing fans you have to truly engage with them. Ask them generic questions, get to know them, make notes against a fans profile in the reminder calendar. That some platforms like provide. Give them reasons to come back, again, and again.

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  1. Many Content Creator Category Niches
  2. Creators can be listed in 1, 2, 3, or 4 Category Niches If they have Quality Content for each Category.
  3. Change 1 category after 180 days (6 months), if after monthly monitoring 1 of your categories isn’t bringing in the desired Revenue.
  4. Fans find Creators in Categories they list under, & short Teaser/Trailers to Convert to them.
  5. Content Creator Reminder Calendar (make notes against a fans profile) book 1to1 & 5 min + segments for bookings
  6. Create your Best Teaser/Trailer (photo or short Video or short Audio) for your categories, to get Found.
  7. Fans can browse all Teaser/Trailers Free. No single photo accounts. Only creators who update regularly.
  8. Fans get exactly what they desire by searching categories then viewing Teasers Free, before subscribing.
  9. Background music option for Fans and Creators while they surf.
  10. Green light shows when fan or content creator is online.

What Can We do If a Fan is Harassing Us?

You can block individual fans who may be harassing you. By locating their profile in your account and then blocking them. A good idea is to first try and make them understand that their behavior is causing you distress. And that they should stop doing whatever it is that you don’t like. Remember this could be a possible subscriber just looking for your attention. If they continue to be a problem, then block them. There should be a zero tolerance policy towards harassing or mistreating Content creators/Models. Please bear in mind it usually can be nipped in the bud for most overzealous fans. But if that doesn’t work, block them. And if they come back in another guise (different, new username) contact our support team. They can block their IP address or use other measures at their disposal.

What Is the Best way to Keep Couples Content Creator Fans Paying The Monthly Subscription?

Encouraging fans to subscribe to your content is the biggest obstacle. Once they’ve obviously seen something about you that they like, that’s why they subscribed in the first place. So give them more of the same with a different switch. Some Models create an Excel sheet to prevent them from constantly repeating content. They add what content they uploaded on different dates. If there is a big upsurge in new fans due to a certain type of content that was uploaded. It may be wise to repeat that type of content with a different twist every few weeks . Ask your audience what they would like to see. It's up to you if you create it.

The beauty of is that you can add content for 1, 2, 3, or 4 categories (max). If after 3 months you find 1 category is really lagging behind, you have the option to delete from that category and introduce a new category. As long as you don’t apply to be listed in over 4 categories. However; You can cancel/add 1 category quarter. But don’t rush to do that check your stats and compare to the other categories. If you delete a category you will lose what subscriptions you had for that category. You should stay in categories for a minimum of 3 months before you even consider deleting a category and adding a new one. Make short detailed notes against a subscriber/fans profile. So that when you interact with them, you can see what notes you made about them.

Couples Content Creators - How Subscribers Know You Are Online?

If you are new, create a ‘ call to action ‘ on all your social media channels. Bulk message all your subscribers telling them about your new Couples Content Categories. Also when you are logged in to your account a green (light) will show at the side of your username or photo, so users know you are online. This encourages fans to engage with you. How will you decide who gets your attention? If you are single you have the option of enabling the button which shows as a blue light on your profile. This lets other users know you are single. Showing as ‘ single ‘ in itself can generate and start conversations. That can funnel your audience to you, as you create amazing content. Be available if they want to see more of you.

Couples Content Creators - Can Fans Access If they Haven’t Paid a Subscription Fee?

No, They have to subscribe to your Couples Content Categories (and pay the subscription fee) if they want to message you directly. Many Creators get that message across on all their Social Media accounts. Fans have to subscribe to your content, if Fans want to Dm you.

Should Couples Reply to All Messages They Receive?

Yes, it’s what generates fans engagement with creators and other couples. It leads to private photo & video requests. Most fans want to unlock your premium content, and 1 to 1 private messaging . You can generate Up to 8 income streams. It all starts with replying to messages from fans. This is the mainstay of gaining and keeping Fans. They want to know every detail about you. See all of you, worship and adore you. Manage and Use it to your advantage. Create amazing Couples Content Categories, and sell more subscriptions. There may be times when you may feel overwhelmed and can’t respond to so many direct messages. Learn how to manage your most important connections first. Or apply the auto responder message tool, so users don’t feel ignored when they know you are online.

Can We Direct Message All The Subscribers in Our Couples Content Account?

Yes, In the menu on the left side select Messaging then select the Message All feature. Engaging with subscribers as much as possible is a key to success.

Which Payment Providers Can Fans Use For Subscription to Couples Content Categories?

Users can use all the major credit/debit card payment providers, including Visa, Mastercard when paying for subscriptions.

How Do I Keep My Fans & Followers Happy After They’ve taken Out a Monthly Subscription to my Content?

You should also remember that deleting a category means your thumbnail teaser photo won’t any longer appear in that categories random selection of 100+ Teaser photos that appear each time that category name is clicked or refreshed. Fans who previously found you in that category may now be confused when you no longer can be found there. So any old/new category should be explained on your profile page. Some audiences will go for months enjoying your free content on a category before they commit to you and subscribe. To maximize revenue you have to maintain recurring subscriptions. You do that by keeping existing subscribers happy. How? Show more, share more sides of you both. Don’t take them for granted. Always reply to their messages asap. Post new content regularly. Some models do joint collaborations with other models, keep things fresh. Others have an ‘ arrangement ‘ with other creators.

Couples Content Creators Category Is Booming - Build Empathy With Subscribers

Couples content is booming so build empathy with your audience and other couples to keep them happy. For this reason; Fans will want to know everything about you. They are investing in you. Many may not have a gf and you are the closest thing to a gf. So don’t neglect them. Older mature men make great Fans, many are divorced. You may be their only male/female interest. Give them all a reason to keep coming back. Furthermore; Let fans know you’re human, if you are feeling down. In summary; Don’t be afraid to say so, build empathy with your Fans. And in general they will support you through thick and thin. Financially and emotionally. When you start to interact with a subscriber/fan. In conclusion; Check any short detailed notes you made against a subscriber/fans profile so you have some detailed knowledge about your last interaction with them.