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The model content creator magazine is available free for online digital downloads. Furthermore; Some platforms promote on the monthly magazine to espouse their modus operandi. The magazine offers insight in to the world of model content creation from a creator/models perspective. Consequently; The model content creator magazine is heavy on photos of new creators. Sooner or later; Some models appear on onlyfans and other similar platforms. Moreover; It’s exciting and engaging format which covers relevant topics and discussions is good enough to keep their audience reading, and watching each month. Given that; We understand that the ownership of the magazine may be changing hands in 2023 so we look forward to see what direction it takes. Explicitly for this reason; Please read about this opportunity carefully. As a result; content creator magazine is an avenue for new models.

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  1. Many Content Creator Category Niches
  2. Creators can be listed in 1, 2, 3, or 4 Category Niches If they have Quality Content for each Category.
  3. Change 1 category every 90 days, if after monthly monitoring 1 of your categories isn’t bringing in the desired Revenue.
  4. Fans find Creators in Categories they list under, & short Teaser/Trailers to Convert to them.
  5. Content Creator Reminder Calendar (make notes against a fans profile) book 1to1 & 5 min + segments for bookings
  6. Create your Best Teaser/Trailer (photo or short Video or short Audio) for your categories, to get Found.
  7. Fans can browse all Teaser/Trailers Free. No single photo accounts. Only creators who update regularly.
  8. Fans get exactly what they desire by searching categories then viewing Teasers Free, before subscribing.
  9. Background music option for Fans and Creators while they surf.
  10. Green light shows when fan or content creator is online.

How Long Will it take to Approve my Application for Platform & get listed in Model Content Creator Magazine?

At the present time; Usually the same day. Please be patient For this reason; We can’t circumvent the application process, so just give us everything we ask for exactly how we’ve requested it. We will notify you when your application has been approved, or not. To be ahead of the queue, take the Free Slide Show ( Photos & Videos) Preview Tour, by clicking the black button. Leave your email address so we can verify your email address. On balance; This allows you to see the free content. And means we can email you when the platform is going live. Make sure our verify your email address (email) is not in your ‘ Trash ‘ email. If it is move it to your ‘ Inbox ‘ in order to ensure our next ‘ Going live ‘ email, doesn’t again land in your email ‘ Trash ‘.

In Essence; After approval off your application you can start to upload content. As a result; By all means; You can also start marketing/promotions. If you have difficulty with your ID application, email us. As long as you have followed the above procedure. In fact over 90% of applicants don't encounter any problems. Consequently; Only, The ID's mentioned are the only forms of ID we accept. You must go above and beyond to succeed in this venture. Owing to, the competition in modelling, you should know what are your stand out features. Due to this reason specifically, choose a niche category that you can excel in. Furthermore; check out others in your chosen category for ideas. Moreover; We welcome new applicants. Especially if you have previous experience overall.

What Type of Photo ID is Preferable for my Account & listing in Model Content Creator Magazine?

The best type of photo ID is; Copy of your Full Drivers Licence (check it’s valid & hasn’t expired), or valid Passport (check it’s valid & hasn’t expired). Plus separate photo of you holding it next to your face (selfie). If you can’t read it we won’t be able to read it. This is the biggest stumbling block to verifying someone’s ID. Think carefully about what your username will be. If you took the Free Slide Show ( Photos & Videos) Preview Tour, we will have your verified email address. So you will be one of the first to be contacted with our ‘ Going live ‘ email. This means it’s a great chance to get the username you want. Think very carefully about your username. It should be short and snappy, easy to remember.

Once I’ve Made my Application – What happens Next?

In the meantime; Please be patient. If you completed all sections of the registration, and uploaded the Government issued ID photo, and a photo of your Government issued ID held next to your face, and agreed to our terms and conditions. In essence; You just need to wait. While you are waiting use the time wisely. To clarify; You should make notes and plan your strategy, about how you will go about creating content on social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram. Look through the list of categories and decide which will be your first category that you want to be listed under. Choose wisely, if you are skinny, don’t opt for ‘ BBW ‘ category. As you won’t get many fans in that category for big beautiful women. There are other categories where you will feel more at home.

Equally important; Decide what type of content, will you provide for your chosen category? Start with just 1 category on until you fully understand what you are doing, and have worked out that you have the time to manage your new venture. In any event; Remember to try and always have at least a minimum of 2 weeks of unseen new content in reserve, in case you are called away, or become ill. Usually; That way you won’t be stressed about losing subscribers, you should make sure you have reserve content for all the categories you are listed for. Keep an eye on your email and spam folder, in case any correspondence we send you has landed in there. Always move our correspondence to your ‘ inbox ‘ so you don’t miss important information we send you.

How Much is Model Content Creators Magazine in Retail Shops?

The magazine retails at $9.99. If you are a model creator or fan it’s free for the digital version if you register your interest by email. Go to their web site. In short; If you believe you have a special look you can send then photos directly via their contact page. If you are lucky they may feature you in the magazine.

Does Model Content Creators Magazine Feature New Models & Work with Model Agencies?

Model Agency Content Creator Account; Allows model agencies to have 1 account where they can have all the models (who have content) that they manage appear on the platform. Model agencies should Apply with details of the No of models and type of content the agency will manage for each model. Eg; SFW or NSFW content. Given that; Each model that appears on the platform in posts MUST have an individual sub account on the model agencies account. Where Age & Id verification have been passed (Full drivers licence or Valid passport). At the present time; The model agency can do collaboration content with other models that are listed in their agency. But all models who are shown in content posts, must have passed/verified with their ID. Models should be given contracts by the agency and should be aware that the model agency is their employer not the platform.

For this reason; Revenues generated by models content from within the agency account will be paid to the model agency. Models who don’t want a model agency managing their account, should open their own individual account. Where any revenue generated will be paid directly to that individual model. However; models can work for a managing model agency and also have their own individual account, if the model agency haven’t prevented them from doing so (via contract). Individual models need to make their own decision on this. Model agencies must provide individual Id’s of all models to us and be approved by us before they upload any content involving any model. If you break these rules your model agency account will be terminated. The revenue share for model agencies is 75/25 split. We understand that the magazine does accept photos from models not contracted from time to time.

What type of Models Are a Good Fit for Model Content Creators Magazine?

You must be over 18 years of age and have photo ID (Valid Passport or Drivers licence). There is no upper age limit. accept creators of different shapes, sizes, hues, and age. Unlike in the traditional media that mainly show stick thin models, they welcome stick thin girls/women/men/genders too, but we also know that fans love real women who have unusual look and 'imperfections'. Any female can find her niche fans on the platform whether they’re wrinkled, tattooed, bbw, anorexic, overweight, bulimia prone, have saggy skin, cellulite, stretch marked belly, one boob bigger than the other, women who have had a mastectomy, or don’t shave. Guess what? Fans wanna see it. Men are odd creatures and gravitate towards this stuff. On balance; They've created over 200 niche categories and you can find your niche in at least 1 or 2 categories.

How do I Sign Up and Become a Model & get listed in Model Content Creator Magazine

When the Platform goes live in 2023, Visit them and register with your Age verify ID. Answer all questions and make sure you have a valid government issued photo ID (Full driving licence or a valid passport) showing your birth date. Moreover; Have a separate clear photo of you holding the ID next to your face). However; If you do not complete the registration fully your application may be rejected. Make sure before uploading your photo that it shows your face clearly and that we can read the text on the ID. Furthermore; If you can’t read it we won’t be able to read it. As a result; This is the biggest stumbling block to verifying someone’s ID. Notwithstanding; The above, this is a unique opportunity for models. Particularly as this sector is a godsend for creators. Given that; It's the most successful revenue stream for models.

Why do Models Need to Upload a Selfie ID Photo for Model Content Creator Magazine?

First; We need to see a photo of your face held next to your Government issued Identification. In order to verify you are over 18 years of age. Second; We also need to see your Government issued ID clearly, and legible in a separate photo. So we can see the actual photo of your face on the day you apply for an account on and judge it against your Government issued ID photo. Third; We need to see both your face photo and the Government ID are of the same person. Do not use any filters, don’t try and be clever or try to fool us or your ID/application will be rejected.

When Can I Start Uploading Content to My Profile Page and Start Earning Dollars?

Currently, the site is being revamped. If you leave your email address, we will notify you when the site is open for applications. Once your application has been approved we will let you know by email, check your spam folder if it isn’t showing in your inbox. Once logged in to your account you will also see that you can select your 1st niche category. And can also upload photos to your profile. You will be given the step by step procedure of what you need to do. If you are organized you will already have content ready to upload and will have already chosen your teaser photo. Make your bio an interesting and fun, friendly, welcoming read. Study all the features so you know how to operate them. Check out every link on your profile page and every icon, so you understand what they all mean. Sounds like your good to go!

What is the Best Way to Let Fans Know About My New Page?

To sum up; Place links on all your social media pages that point back to your new URL/web page address. When your fans on other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat see your link they can click on it and join to your post and see the content you’ve posted. Given that; They will be prompted to subscribe and pay for your content. In short; The more marketing and promotion you do for your page, the more fans you will get. Constantly think of new ways to get your web page address noticed. At the present time; We also have 2 options on our platform where you can be found.

First; A Free option whereby each time a category name is clicked, or the resulting page is refreshed, 100+ creator/model thumbnails are randomly selected from that category names database and shown on the dashboard for that category page, for fans to select any of the 100+ Teaser photos of creator/models. Second; You can pay a fee eg; $9.99 after joining. To clarify; You will have your thumbnail photo shown in the Dashboard page footer. Third) Each time your thumbnail photo appears. On balance; This option is only available to each creator/model once a week to give everyone the opportunity to access it. In conclusion; Sooner or later; You also should preferably be logged in and online (on the day/night your thumbnail will show) so you can benefit from Fans who want to chat with you, live. Finally; See Model Content Creators Magazine today.